Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chattanooga ROCKS!

So I met Katie, Amelia and Jack in Chattanooga this week for some Christmas gift exchanging and visiting before the holiday traffic got too bad. We didn’t actually go to the “rocks” or do any of the looking from Lookout Mountain…I just saw a t-shirt that said Chattanooga Rocks and I thought it was cute. Totally buying one of those next time I am there. And I might even go check out the “rocks”. We went to go eat at Big River Grille, which was delicious! We have one in Nashville but this was my first time going to either. WE had the BEST crab dip ever made and I have been searching all over the internet for a similar recipe. Nothing yet, but I know Google won’t fail me.

The highlight of lunch was Amelia trying to feed me. She wanted to leave the table and go look at the reindeer (a light display at the restaurant) and we told her we would take her after we ate. Maybe she thought if she helped feed me it would speed up the process…

Check out her tongue in this picture. Hilarious. I was laughing so hard at her that rice was flying out of my mouth in EVERY direction and Katie was of no assistance…she was a little too busy snapping 100 pictures of me with rice and beans all over my face. None of those photos will be appearing on either blog due to death threats. Anyway, we did some shopping/junking and found some really great finds. Some of which came from the Knitting Mill, which is an old sewing factory. It was a gorgeous building and they had some great pieces inside as well.

When we finished up we let the babies play outside a bit before they had to get back on the road. Here are my favorites… Amelia refusing to take a picture with me.

This hole in the ground is much more interesting.

Amelia telling us she is having a tea party and we aren’t invited.

Begging for one picture with her. Not happening.

I tried to bribe her with candy.

Katie said I need to be firmer - I tried that.

My evil face made her think about it...

But then she realized that Aunt Kiki is a pushover...

Jack wants to see what’s going on. He better use my hair to hoss himself up...

Which is wildly amusing to Amelia since it's not her hair.

Now picture taking is a game. She was running in circles, coming over and barely sitting down before running away and laughing every time Katie snapped the picture because she was long gone.

Don't underestimate a mommy with a camera. Gotcha! Kind of…

Then we tried to see if she would take one with her Momma. Yep. But Jack decided he needed her hair bow so that one didn’t turn out either. But it is still one of the cutest pics of the day.

Then that turned into “If you take my hair bow I will take your binky” moment.

We had a wonderful time and I hated to say goodbye, but hopefully we will get to see each other again soon!

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  1. I'm seriously framing that last one. I LOVE IT! We could have done without the picture of Amelia up close....that looks awful, Kiki!! We definitely have to check out Sugar's....I would think feeding your rice with a fork would be harder than ribs. I mean, the bone is practically a handle. Then again, rib'd be a that time at Stevi B's. Yikes! I had so much fun...we have to make a routine out of this! The drive was easy, and we had a ball! We'll see the rocks in the spring. And get you a tee shirt. (I'll even pay for it if you get me a Ronnie one. Let's make that happen, Keekers.)