Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas! YAY!!!

Well, Thanksgiving is over and we are DONE lying on the couch eating turkey sandwiches! Derrick and I have been trying to figure out our own holiday traditions for the last two years and somehow all we seem to do is lie around and gain weight. Because Derrick coaches basketball, we never get much time during the season for travel or “normal” festivities. It is really important to both of us to spend as much time together as a couple over the holiday breaks and do the things we enjoy. He usually misses out on decorating for Christmas so we made sure to put the tree up on Thanksgiving Day so that he could help.

Once again, because Derrick coaches, he is a HUGE fan of teamwork. I will admit I am a little bit controlling when it comes to the Christmas decorations (amongst other things) and during the horrendous task of weaving lights on the tree I was told that I seriously needed to work on my teamwork skills. Apparently my idea of a team is a bunch of people doing what I tell them, which is incorrect. Sooo, next year I am going to let Derrick help with all the merriment. I am making a list (still controlling? I am trying.) of all that he can bring to the “team”. First on his list is getting up at the crack of dawn to put turkey lurkey in the oven. We will see how much commitment he has to the “team”.

On the other hand, Charlie was very excited to help. I had to shimmy up in the attic to drag down all the decorations and someone was not too pleased when he couldn’t go to. He just wants to follow his momma everywhere.
Because of his extra holiday fluff, his balance is little off. I had to stand here to make sure he didn’t actually go all the way up. He was well on his way…

He is trying to lose some lbs; that is why he is switching to the lean meat called turkey.

So today I thought I would try to unpack the remainder of our Christmas boxes and try to get some order in our house. Then I realized that it was time for the four-leggers to have a bathroom break. I know these things due to their subtle hints such as barking directly in my face, scratching “wolverine style” on our back door and making laps through the dining room as if it were the Indy 500. So, off they go when I realize Maggie had decided to bring a friend…

Oh, yes, that is my "Elf on a Shelf". She just looked so cute with it I decided to take a picture.

Big mistake. Apparently Maggie didn’t want to give Elf back so she searched for a new home for him. This hole, where there was once a really ugly bush that was mysteriously uprooted during her puppy stage, looked like a good enough home for Elf.

Me: “Maggie, what did you do?”
Maggie: “ Nothing. No, I am not sure why there is mud all over my nose.”

After she was finished burying him I dug him up and put him on the mantle where I thought he would be safe from her kidnapping and burying antics. I can’t figure out how she got him down in the first place .

Well, hello, Charlie. That explains it.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hang on a second......


    Gosh, I don't know which is my favorite....

    Charles on the attic ladder (C.L.A.S.S.I.C.),

    Mags burying Elf and the little two legs sticking out of the dirt,


    your face as you are "supervising" Christmas decorating.


    P.S. I'm afraid the Elf is going to go back to tell bad stories to Santa about Maggie. The whole sequence of events looked pretty malicious. I mean, that was bad enough to put all y'all on the naughty list, Kelly. Hate to tell ya....

  2. Well, my favorite is Charlie getting the Elf down for Maggie. THAT is teamwork. He could teach you and Derrick something about working together. HA! Love the tree. It is nice. How about coming up and doing mine?