Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Fall and That Means Jackson's!

 I love the fall! I love when the weather gets cool, the leaves start to turn, and we can sit around a fire pit and enjoy the evenings. I also love it that we get to visit Jackson’s Apple Orchard. It is one thing that we look forward to every year. We usually wait until it gets a little colder and we can enjoy some hot apple cider, but considering Baby Girl will be here soon, we decided we better go now.

We only grabbed a few goodies this trip. We wanted to get some pumpkins and we are hoping we get to go back in the next couple of weeks to get the pumpkin bread, the pumpkin fudge and the pumpkin butter.

This was actually the first year that we went and it didn’t take over an hour to choose all of our pumpkins. Normally I have to inspect them all…which means I pretty much crawl around on the ground licking my hand and rubbing the pumpkins to make sure the brown spots are just dirt and not permanent discolorations. They also have to be perfectly shaped and have pretty stems. This year it was just too much. I let Derrick pick the pumpkins pretty much all by himself since I am entirely too big to be getting into inspection mode.

He was all too pleased with his selections and I was happy to stroll around and look at the mums. I might just have to let him pick the pumpkins every year :)

And besides, there were more important things for me to take care of…ordering up the apple chips and apple cider floats which were delicious! I thought I would be sad over not have the hot cider but this completely made up for it.

I can’t wait until next year when Derrick is pulling this wagon and we don’t have room for all of our pumpkins because Baby Girl is sitting right in the middle. I know she will love Jackson’s just as much as we do!