Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caption Contest

Just like every other parent, Derrick and I wonder what Neely Jo is thinking and what would come out of her mouth if she could actually talk. Unlike every other parent, we text pictures back and forth to each other with captions and see who can come up with the best one. Yeah. We are weird like that. Anyway, this is the other morning when I was feeding her breakfast. I am pretty sure the captions are dead on.

Ummm…hello, Mom? Why the heck are you stopping with the food and taking pictures? I haven’t finished off my 10 pound bag of sweet potatoes yet…

Fine, you ol’ bitty. I will just feed myself. Gimme that spoon!

Bless her heart. She is just totally into her food. Must get it from her Daddy. (haha)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Let me start by saying that I absolutely LOVED today. Being a Mom is truly the best thing I have ever done and I was so excited about today. Derrick had made all kinds of plans to do some of my favorite things for my first Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, Neely Jo is still battling a cough and as much as I wanted to run around and celebrate, I just couldn’t do it in good conscience. So the sad part of today was I had a baby that wasn’t feeling 100%, but the up side is that I had a baby that wanted to snuggle and be loved on all day. One of the things Derrick had planned was a picnic. Even with the forecast in the upper 70’s, we just couldn’t get Neely Jo out (at this point we aren’t sure if she has allergies or just a cold) so we had an inside picnic!

Our fried chicken picnic with all the fixins quickly turned into a BLT with a few other things that we could get together without spending the day cooking. It was delicious! You will never hear me complain about any meal that includes pork product, white bread (no crusts because they just get in my way) and Duke’s mayonnaise.


And my beautiful pink hydrangea was a Mother’s Day surprise from my friend, Elizabeth! We set it up so we had a little bit of the outside at our picnic. And this is a quilt that I actually bought Easter weekend. It is a Cathedral Window pattern and it has the dates stitched on one corner…

I love all the detail and that someone spent so much time making such a beautiful quilt. This will always be something special that I use on Mother’s Day and then I plan to give it to Neely Jo on her first Mother’s Day. Hopefully it will be as special to her as it is to me!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Appreciating Some Teachers!

Today has been a busy week around here! I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but we had to switch to a new daycare. Trying to be as nice as I possibly can, I will only say that the first daycare was not a good fit for us. Not a good fit AT ALL. We moved a couple of months ago and we are SO HAPPY. Absolutely IN LOVE with our new daycare and the ladies that take care of Neely Jo.

Neely Jo has three teachers: Ms. Eldred, Ms. Taryn, and Ms. Marcy. We seriously love each of them. So since it was Teacher Appreciation Week we got to take in a few goodies to say thank you to the people that take care of the most precious thing in our lives. One day we took each teacher a flower.

A homemade note. Since we clearly don’t let her use scissors or hot glue, Neely was only allowed to put her toe print on the cards – it didn’t turn out great, but it was our first attempt. We will get better.

And today we made candy baskets.

All the Snickers and Twix (my favorites) are hiding underneath the fluff.

I was totally excited about Teacher Appreciation Week and then the bomb dropped. Ms. Taryn told us that today was her last day. I am so completely heartbroken. I know that Neely loves her. I know this because I don’t believe I ever saw Neely Jo scream in her face, which happens frequently to pretty much everyone else. The child just looks directly at you and open mouth screams. Sometimes it’s funny, but mostly embarrassing. Derrick and I could not be happier having her take care of Neely. I don’t leave Neely Jowith ANYONE and I would totally have trusted Ms. Taryn to watch her any time, any place. She is moving back to Tennessee (God’s Country – can’t blame her for that one) to go back to school to be a teacher (can’t blame her there either because she is going to be an amazing kindergarten teacher). But we can still be depressed. I had to call Derrick and have him meet me at the Mexican restaurant to drown my sorrows in chips and salsa. On a positive note, Neely Jo did sit in a high chair all by herself for the first time.

When I told Derrick the sad news he was happy that she was going to become a teacher. He actually said, “That’s awesome!” while I had to fight back the urge to punch him. Then he made a good point. Maybe Ms. Taryn will come back to the Big BG and be Neely Jo's kindergarten teacher. We can only hope!