Sunday, February 20, 2011

Putting the "Basket" in Basketball

Well, basketball season is almost over and I have been slacking. I used to go to the games, take pictures and we would have the team over to our house several times during the season for cookouts and such. I am ashamed to admit I have been to a couple of games and that is it. I mean NOTHING else. I did manage to make it over to gym the other weekend, but the only pictures I took were of the Littlest Spartan.

Now you would have thought that I had the happiest baby in the world while she was in that basket. When we were pulling up to the gym she was crying. She needed a nap. And it was almost time for her to eat. I thought she would be a bear about sitting in the basket. Nope. She LOVED it! Derrick picked her up once to readjust her and she started screaming and was immediately laughing as soon as he put her back. I may never leave the house again without that basket. I can just hear them at Red Lobster, “Ma’am, can we get you a high chair?” Me, “No thank you. I am just going to shove her in the basket under the table so I have enough table room for my cheesy biscuits.”

Just a few pics where she she got distracted...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a wonderful friend, Laura, who has a wonderful daughter, Maggie. Unfortunately, Maggie is very sick and needs lots of prayers. This past Friday she checked into the ICU at Vanderbilt. She has pneumonia in both lungs and was put on the vent. Then her right upper lobe collapsed. She also has a bacteria infection in her blood and is having some issues with her kidneys. Maggie is a precious little baby and it hurts my heart for her to be so sick. Laura is the strongest mother I have ever met and she amazes me every single time I talk to her. Whenever Maggie is sick, Laura rolls with the punches. She is truly exceptional. She is also expecting her 3rd Baby Girl. I cannot imagine the stress she is under. Please pray for their family. They need all the love and support they can get right now!

Maggie this Saturday...

Here is one of my all time favorite pictures. Maggie with her big sister, Hannah...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Quick post. Neely is in the process of cutting her first tooth - YIKES! So she is in a bit of a mood to put it nicely. I should have known this was what was going on when she started chewing on everything. Aggressively. Kinda resembling a dog on meat. Anyway, thank you Aunt Katie for her Valentine’s outfit! It is still a bit big but she needed to be festive today…

Derrick and I gave her this sheep that unfolds making a pillow pet type thing and a matching blanket. She has made several attempts to eat it. She must have learned that from watching me devour my gift to myself. An entire bag of bite size snickers.

And now she is done with picture time…

Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Facts

My cousin, Becky, passed this award on to me the other day and I am just now finding some time to log on here and do my 7 Facts! I love reading these types of awards because its fun to see what people share. If anyone else reposts these please let me know because I enjoy reading them : )

1. I am scared of cows. They just make me nervous. I have vowed to save the world from these beasts one cheeseburger at a time.

2. I despise cinnamon rolls. I do not want them anywhere near me. The sight of them makes me nauseated and the smell is enough to literally kill me. Cinnamon rolls are NOT allowed in our house. They make me that sick.

3. I am obsessed with presents. I love getting gifts and giving gifts…for all major and minor holidays. They don’t have to be BIG gifts. I love when Derrick only spends a couple of bucks on something, as long as it is thoughtful. Rule of our house…don’t be caught emptied handed even if it’s Martin Luther King Day.

4. I love the color red. I am secretly jealous of anyone who can wear red lipstick and look good doing so. There are only a few people that can do this. My Aunt Kay is one of them.

5. My glue gun is probably my best friend. I feel like I can accomplish anything with my trusty glue gun in my hand. I can make curtains, cover pillows, fancy up a lamp shade, fix all sorts of odds and ends and the list goes on and on.

6. I love excel spreadsheets. I make them for EVERYTHING! I could sit and arrange things in excel for hours.

7. I am a huge dork. I love to play any kind of memory games. When I am bored I time myself making lists (in excel, of course) of all the states and their capitals. Then I erase the list and re-do it to see if I can beat my time. That is really sad.