Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Quick post. Neely is in the process of cutting her first tooth - YIKES! So she is in a bit of a mood to put it nicely. I should have known this was what was going on when she started chewing on everything. Aggressively. Kinda resembling a dog on meat. Anyway, thank you Aunt Katie for her Valentine’s outfit! It is still a bit big but she needed to be festive today…

Derrick and I gave her this sheep that unfolds making a pillow pet type thing and a matching blanket. She has made several attempts to eat it. She must have learned that from watching me devour my gift to myself. An entire bag of bite size snickers.

And now she is done with picture time…


  1. The list of things about you were hilarious. And this was just precious. In case you haven't noticed, little baby girl is growing. Good thing she is as cute as ever though.

  2. Neely is so so precious! I love the pictures of her with her sheep in her crib! I also think she has grown a bunch--I can't wait to see her at the wedding! :)

  3. She's so cute. I love the one with her arms wide open. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and her valentine's day outfit is too cute!

  4. The fact that a tooth is days away was no surprise. She has been fist feasting for a month. I can't wait to see her with some chompers. I can't wait to see her PERIOD! Can I bring her home with me after the wedding? Momma will bring her up when she comes. Please. Just think about it. We'll talk. ;) I'm serious, you know. SERIOUS!