Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neely's First Easter

I know it is late but…Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday because I know we sure did. We drove up to my parents for the weekend had a chance for some much needed family time and some much needed sleep. Chewmomma sure comes in handy at 3am!

We got to visit with lots of family and even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Catlettsburg to run through an antique shop with the ladies. And new Cousin Rob joined us! Rob just married Becky and I am not sure if he is really into junkin or if he just loves Becky that much. He may never go again and he may also never come visit us. I yanked up a quilt that had mildew stains all over and repeatedly asked everyone if they thought I could get them out. Then I found a bench that I thought might have been paired with a chamber pot (it wasn’t actually, but I thought at first maybe it might have been). I had my hands all over that bench and poor Rob was probably thinking, “Why would she want that and why is she touching it so much?” but he kindly didn’t say anything. If he ever does actually come to visit he will probably be terrified that I don’t have indoor plumbing and that I am going to make him sleep in a moldy bed. Never, but I may let him sleep with Charlie, my 100 pound golden retriever that likes to snuggle.

Anyway, we tried to play photo session with Neely Jo and her Easter basket but that didn’t turn out very well. She seriously could care less about anything in the basket besides the grass. And she wanted to eat it.

The Church service was beautiful and we made it through with only two crying outbursts. First Granny got screamed at when the bottle was empty and then Chewmomma had to fish a piece of the program out of Neely’s mouth and she wasn’t real happy about it. Other than that Neely Jo thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter service!

Afterwards we went back to Granny and Papaw’s for lunch before heading out. Neely went back into the basket.

Aunt Sue helped us watch Neely while we finished visiting with everyone. This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Trees and flowers are all in bloom, spring is in the air and here Neely is bundled up in a chenille blanket with a toboggan…

P.S. We didn’t see the Easter bunny or even any baby chicks, but we did find this little fella…

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Six Months Already

Kentucky weather is absolutely unpredictable. I should never be posting pictures of Neely Jo two weeks apart when she is wearing a toboggan one week and breaking out the sleeveless two pieces the next week.

Other than the weather being the pits (not right now – it’s been warm in the sunshine as of lately) we have had a wild two weeks. Neely had her first ear infection and I had to go out of town for two days for work. I realize lots of people travel after they have babies but this was my first time and it nearly broke my heart. It also didn’t help that she wasn’t feeling well. I believe I gave my lil bug nearly 1,000 kisses before I walked out the door…

And when I came home I tried to make the most of the weekend and spoil her with as much love as possible. And who better to help me than Chewmomma! The timing was perfect because she actually got to see Neely Jo on her 6 month birthday. Sadly, I kept forgetting to take pictures of them and the only one I have of both of them will never be seen. I have been threatened within an inch of my life to delete it but I just can’t. One day Neely Jo will want to see a picture of her sprawled out on her grandma’s lap. Both of them asleep on the couch. Both in pajamas. Both with mouths hanging wide open. I actually woke Chewmomma up laughing so hard at the sight of them. Anyway, Chewmomma did give Neely “The Giving Tree” for her 6 month birthday and it was a hit! She is getting much better at sitting while I read to her, but she really just wants to open and shut the book.

Over and over.

And when she is tired of opening and shutting, sometimes it’s nice to curl up and chew on it…

And as you can see, Neely Jo can now sit up on her own. She still falls over some, but it is getting to be less and less. So that’s a milestone for us. And I thought it seemed like the perfect time to let her ride in the Wal-Mart cart all by herself today (with a cart cover thanks to Aunt Katie). Bad idea. She fell over and bumped her head when I turned a corner, which was followed by extremely loud screaming that stopped when I finally came out of hiding from the home goods aisle. [Good Mommy award goes here].

I did pretty much all of the shopping while Derrick waited in line at the deli to get some ham. Seriously, that boy has the worst luck when it comes to buying ham (another story for another time). This time he got behind two little old ladies who apparently thought Wal-Mart Deli was open for a cheese tasting. I am just hoping they didn’t hear Derrick making jokes and asking where the wine was and that they remembered to get some fiber or Colace before leaving Wal-Mart. But after standing around for so long Neely started to throw another fit and acted like she was about to starve to death. People were staring. We had to straight up feed her while walking to the front of Wal-Mart. Even more people were staring. Let’s all just be glad she is eating solids.

Check it out – the lady in line is turning around to check out Neely throwing a fit between bites of food. Bet she didn’t get up this morning and think she would end up on the internet. And if she does ever happen upon this I would like to say thank you, sweet lady, you were very nice and nonjudgmental.