Saturday, April 30, 2011

Neely's First Easter

I know it is late but…Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday because I know we sure did. We drove up to my parents for the weekend had a chance for some much needed family time and some much needed sleep. Chewmomma sure comes in handy at 3am!

We got to visit with lots of family and even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Catlettsburg to run through an antique shop with the ladies. And new Cousin Rob joined us! Rob just married Becky and I am not sure if he is really into junkin or if he just loves Becky that much. He may never go again and he may also never come visit us. I yanked up a quilt that had mildew stains all over and repeatedly asked everyone if they thought I could get them out. Then I found a bench that I thought might have been paired with a chamber pot (it wasn’t actually, but I thought at first maybe it might have been). I had my hands all over that bench and poor Rob was probably thinking, “Why would she want that and why is she touching it so much?” but he kindly didn’t say anything. If he ever does actually come to visit he will probably be terrified that I don’t have indoor plumbing and that I am going to make him sleep in a moldy bed. Never, but I may let him sleep with Charlie, my 100 pound golden retriever that likes to snuggle.

Anyway, we tried to play photo session with Neely Jo and her Easter basket but that didn’t turn out very well. She seriously could care less about anything in the basket besides the grass. And she wanted to eat it.

The Church service was beautiful and we made it through with only two crying outbursts. First Granny got screamed at when the bottle was empty and then Chewmomma had to fish a piece of the program out of Neely’s mouth and she wasn’t real happy about it. Other than that Neely Jo thoroughly enjoyed her first Easter service!

Afterwards we went back to Granny and Papaw’s for lunch before heading out. Neely went back into the basket.

Aunt Sue helped us watch Neely while we finished visiting with everyone. This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Trees and flowers are all in bloom, spring is in the air and here Neely is bundled up in a chenille blanket with a toboggan…

P.S. We didn’t see the Easter bunny or even any baby chicks, but we did find this little fella…


  1. Oh my gosh! It's Mocassin!! The 2011 version ... hahahahahahahahahahaha! Did you bring him home, and are you feeding him? HA!!

    I had no idea her Easter basket was so big! Bless her heart, she looks precious. I'm COUNTING THE SECONDS till I see her! I can't wait to feed her - ha!

  2. I think half the reason Rob wanted to go junking is to keep tabs on what I was buying. I LOVE the pictures of Neely baby in her Easter basket!! I have looked at the picture of Aunt Sue and Neely together walking probably a hundred times--so precious!!! :)

  3. I was sure you left Mocassin in my house - but thankfully I didn't find him!!! Neely Jo is so precious. Wish I could have another kiss-bite right now.