Sunday, December 13, 2009

From the Desk of Charles Clubb

With the economy the way it is and Christmas right around the corner, we have decided to make all possible efforts to decrease spending and increase our money in the bank. Therefore, Charlie is going to join the workforce.

He is currently beefing up his resume.

He is highly qualified at picking out fashion items, such as designer shoes, for chewing and such.

He is skilled in dish washing, by way of licking.

And he is experienced in strategic escapes. No photo available.

He has great work ethic and promises not to call in sick much.


  1. Oh, Charles....good luck on your interviews! (Use your large size to your advantage.)

    P.S. Um, what was your mother doing during all this...not working? Hmmm......And now you are going to have to go out and get a job?? Hmmm..........Tell her to go fix you some biscuits and gravy. (Again, use your size to your advantage, Chuck.)

  2. Kelly! Those pictures are so cute!! Maybe we can do some ensembles for Tob this weekend! He HATES being dressed up--but he's so darn cute! I love that Charlie could be a dishwasher. :)

  3. Should we just go ahead and add to the resume, Charlie: "WILL WORK FOR LITTLE DEBBIE CHRISTMAS TREES." If you find a job that hires for that, lemme know. Wink,'s me and you, Chuck...we can pack on some pounds together.