Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Cookie Contest...and Oysters

Derrick and I have decided that one of our Christmas Eve traditions is going to be a Christmas Cookie Contest. This year I found this HUGE bell shaped cutter in Chattanooga and we are going to see who can decorate it the best. We haven’t had any cook offs since about 2 years ago we decided to see who could make the best homemade pizza. Derrick thought that he would whip me by making a double-decker. We are so lucky he doesn’t work at Pizza Hut because this turned out to be one of the worst ideas EVER. Here is a picture I found of his pizza.

These are both of our pizzas side by side. Mine is the masterpiece on the left with half pepperoni. His would be the massive pile of cheese on the right. See it? The one without a crust. The one that resembles a volcano. There were some questions about whether or not I won due to the fact that I used a baking stone. Really? When he starts attending Pampered Chef parties he can use the baking stone. My oven never looked or smelled right after that. Thankfully we moved. Anyway, here are the cookies before decorations.

And TA-DA!!! Guess which one is his.

Let me turn it so you can read it... seeing how he wrote on it upside-down.

HAHAHA!!! Ok – neither of us will be bringing home any prizes for cookie decorating, but I have this contest in the bag.

Another Christmas Eve tradition is going to be oyster stew. My Papaw always makes oyster stew for Christmas morning and our family eats it up! We couldn’t make it to their house this year so I have decided to make it on my own. Delicious! I couldn’t talk Derrick into eating it for breakfast, so we had it for Christmas Eve.

I didn't cook it in the stew, but before I ate mine I added lots of cayenne pepper. It really helps make it spicy without the overwhelming taste of tabasco taking away from the oyster flavor.

He can polish these sausage balls off for breakfast. I hope we have enough for both of us! Yikes!!!

If this fella doesn't get to them first.


  1. kelly! just looking at your blog makes me be so hungry! i'm so happy that you included the recipes! i just bought my very first recipe box! :)

  2. Kelly,
    I have had so much fun looking at your blog!! Thank you for telling me about this and the great recipes too. I love the pictures and how you describe everything. I made Italian chicken tonight (your recipe) steve loved it :) He always likes your recipes!! I was cracking up about corbin's comments at the bday party and Amelia laughing at Jack pulling your hair. I loved Maggie looking at the sausage balls, so glad someone else's dog is like Max! Ok you probably think I have staulked your blog, but it was really fun :)