Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ornament Exchange

Two of my best friends, Brooke and Amanda, and I are trying to start a new Christmas tradition. We always try to make time to get together over the holidays, but this year we decided to start an ornament collection. Each ornament had to be handmade and something from ordinary household items. I had several ideas but they all seemed to fall through at the last minute, which resulted in making salt dough snowflakes.

I cut out two sizes of snowflakes and then rolled small decorative balls, baked, painted, and then coated with polyurethane. Easy enough!!!

Amanda decided to give us two ornaments because she wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the first. I love the first one and it matches my tree in my entryway perfectly!

She decided to give us these hand painted ornaments with snowflakes in the bottom, as well. Also matches the entrance tree. Two perfect gifts!!!

Brooke knitted wool and then turned it to felt in the washing machine. Then she cut out and pieced together a flower. She found some pearls at her Mimi’s house and added them to the center for a little something extra. Very creative!!!

After we exchanged our gifts we headed downtown and ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Brickyard, and had a delicious meal and did some catching up. I love these girls tremendously and am very lucky to have such great friends. I am very excited about our new tradition and can’t wait for next year’s exchange!


  1. I'm so miffed that I didn't get an ornament...or get to eat at Brickyard. I should have just invited myself.... like I did to Brooke Bennett's slumber party that time. All y'all's ornaments turned out great! Even if there weren't any Q-Tip snowflakes. There's always next year.... ;o)

  2. I get an ornament????

  3. Amelia was just looking at the picture of y'all three, and I was telling her Amanda and Brooke's names. She wanted to know where Derrick was. I told her he wasn't invited either.