Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Ok – I am really behind on my holidays. Halloween was forever ago and I never posted any pictures. Katie and Mike brought the kids up to visit and here are a few of my favorite pictures - which also serve as an explanation as to why all my door handles were sticky the next day : )

For Thanksgiving we went to see my family. Unfortunately, I was completely consumed with shoveling food in my face and taking naps and I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. I will have to stay more focused on our next visit.

Chewmomma and Neely...

My Dad, who can somehow manage to put Neely to sleep in two seconds. I thought about forcing him to come live with us but I think Chewmomma would get really jealous.

And TA-DA! Not only was I able to snap a picture of my Granny (which is almost impossible because she hates pictures) but I got one with her smiling!

We did get to take Neely Jo to the Paramount to see the “Festival of Trees”. She loved the lights for the first couple of minutes and then she knocked herself right out and went into a deep sleep. Derrick and I both LOVE going and looking at all the trees and getting into the Christmas Spirit.

I cannot wait to see how much Neely loves looking at the train they set up. This year she wasn’t that impressed but she will eventually come around…

We also got to have a nice hot Thanksgiving breakfast with Derrick’s family before we left. The last time Derrick and I sat down and ate breakfast together was before Neely was born, so this was especially nice! You can tell that Neely Jo is very impressed with her cousin, Corbin…

We tried to get a picture of Nana with both grandbabies, but it’s just more fun to stand on a stool, jump onto the chair, laugh and then rinse and repeat…

Neely tried to get Corbin to stay…

Let me zoom in on that one…

And Corbin found a kitten. Luckily he isn’t my child because I wouldn’t have been able to say no to that sweet face and I probably would have just packed up the neighbor’s kitty and taken it home with us.

So now we have two great holidays down and we are getting excited for the best holiday! Christmas, here we come!


  1. Corbin's face in that last picture...aww! Gracious, I don't think even I could have turned that face down. And you know how I am about pets at my house...that's saying something! Neely looks a mile long in that picture with momma! Baby Girl is growing up. I love the picture of Granny and Neely! I can just hear Granny's laugh that goes with that sweet!

  2. You have such sweet pictures with Neely baby! I am so glad you have a picture of her with Granny--especially because she's smiling! I also liked the pictures of AK and Jack that you put up! What darling babies! :) ps don't let mom see this page or else i'll be having babies this time next year :)

  3. Awww isn't she such a sweetie!! Lovely photos from the holidays..hopefully loads more to come this xmas!!!

    Gemma x

  4. I need some of those teeth candy. I could use those in pictures and not have to worry about all of the crazy smiles/faces we get around here! neely is such a cutie!

  5. You miss a couple of weeks of blogging and lands if Neely hasn't grown a mile. I about died when I saw how long she has gotten.

    And if I looked like Granny, I would sure be wanting someone to take my picture. She is as adorable as that baby she is holding.