Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Baby Blessing

The Sunday after Christmas we had Neely Jo blessed at church. I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted my cousin, Becky, to bless Neely. Becky is a very special person to me and I hope that she will always be a big part of Neely’s life. I knew she would be the perfect person for this and she did a beautiful job! Derrick and I were very excited for Neely’s big day at church and it was absolutely everything we wanted it to be! We also asked my Uncle Jim to assist Becky and he somehow managed to keep Neely from crying throughout the blessing. It was a miracle : )

Becky’s prayer really touched my heart. She talked about how Neely’s family had been there for her through her colic and how everyone was willing to walk with her and sit with her during this difficult time. She prayed that her family and her church family would continue to be there for her throughout the rest of her life to love and support her just like they have been. I had to fight back the big tears when she said this. I knew my cousin, James, was video taping and he would be sure to zoom in on my curled up face if I opened the flood gates. Let me assure you that if there is one thing I have never been able to master it is crying without curling my face. I sure would have hated to ruin the Blessing video with that sight.

After church, the whole family loaded up and went to eat at an Italian restaurant in town. I loved getting to spend extra time with our family before we had to leave to come home. It really meant a lot to us to have everyone there for Neely’s special day!

This is a great picture of Becky and Rob. Rob is going to be the next addition to our family because he and Becky are getting married in March! Everyone just loves Rob and we can't wait until we can claim him as one of "us". 

And of course before we left to head home, Chewmomma and Granddad had to steal back their newest granddaughter for some lovin. They are so cute with her! Every time I walk up when they are talking to her they are always saying, “Oh, we love you so much. We just want you to be happy. You just tell Granddad (or Chewmomma – depends on which one of them is talking) what you want and Granddad (Chewmomma) will get it for you. Anything you want, baby girl.” (I just know one day she is going to ask for a pony and Derrick is going to have to learn how to build a barn.)

Derrick and I are very happy that Neely Jo had her Blessing and we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful family that helped us make her day beautiful!


  1. I'm convinced God makes babies with colic absolutely gorgeous so us parents can't be mad at them.

    I know people are always telling you that This Too Shall Pass, but I've lived it. For seven long, long, loooonnnnnngggg months. It finally passed. And I seriously think I could spend the rest of my life searching, and never find a happier kid than Boss. I just know Neely will be the same.

    The blessing story was just precious. LOVE grandparents who adore their grandbabies.

  2. I love this blog post Kelly! Thanks for your sweet words about the blessing--I realy can't believe how wonderfully she held up during the whole service! And, I love the pictures you took of everyone at lunch! I need to get the ones mom took up on my blog ASAP. I loved our family being out to eat together!! :)

  3. So beautiful! All of it. I am just dying to hear every detail. I love Neely! God has so many wonderful things in store for her. I can't wait to watch her grow. :o)