Friday, December 3, 2010

Simple Birthday

This Wednesday we celebrated Derrick’s birthday. I must admit, things were VERY different this year. There was no way Miss Neely was going to cooperate with me on throwing a birthday party for her Daddy. Here is how it went down…

Derrick had to open his gifts with a key being that I ordered them online and they were in a big brown box. There was no wrapping paper. There was no card.

We did take out. No hot homemade meal. Styrofoam boxes with salads from Longhorn. I did grab some forks out of the drawer. Clearly this celebration was too fancy for plasticware.

Instead of going out for drinks or going to watch a movie, Neely provided us with our entertainment. There is just something precious about that baby playing in her bathtub.

Thankfully, Derrick’s Mom made him a birthday cake (otherwise we would have all been gathered around a Little Debbie Fudge Round with a candle in it). Coconut cake – YUM!I told her we would give her back her dish this weekend so I am doing my best to polish it off as quickly as possible. I am doing an excellent job.

Even though his birthday might have been simple without any decorations or fancy fixins, having one extra person at the party made it more special than any before.


  1. Happy Birthday, Derrick! (Kelly Jo, you forgot to remind me it was his birthday! We would have sent a card and/or called so AK could have at least sang to him on the phone. She's always up for a birthday song.)

    I am sure it was a great birthday for Derrick, despite the lack of pomp and circumstance. Neely makes the world better! ;o)

  2. Happy Birthday Derrick! I know that he had a wonderful birthday because of his baby girl!! And, the cake I'm sure made things much better :)

  3. That last picture just melted my heart. Definitely doesn't look like Derrick is upset by the lack of hoopla!

  4. Derrick probably had the best birthday ever! Plus, after kids it seems that we don't have "birthdays" we just get older :)