Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Littlest Spartan

Well, basketball season is in full force and Derrick is LOVING his new job at South Warren. This week they played three varsity games and won them all! Saturday night was their first home game and Neely Jo and I showed up to support the Spartans. Well, that is what we intended to do but really it seemed more like Neely crowd surfed through the stands while I passed out antibacterial gel. I was really nervous that she would be a bear and cry the whole game, but she actually was surprisingly good.


One of the softball coaches (Coach Riggs) gave Derrick two baby outfits for Neely Jo. She is definitely to Littlest Spartan showing up in her onesie. The back of this outfit says “Clubb” and the other one says “Asst. Coach”. Derrick always says he wants her to be a girly girl, but he looked really excited seeing her in her sports apparel.

We got to see Derrick’s HS Basketball Coach and his wife Nancy, who brought Neely Jo a present…

And they gave her this tiny little basketball with a teddy inside. So sweet!

Of course no public outing would be complete without a few outbursts…

I didn't get any great action pictures of Derrick. I kindly asked him if he could just look up in the stands and smile every so often, he said probably not. Apparently he has bigger things on his mind than my photo shoots when it's game time. Here is the back of his head.

As far as the game, the final score was 50-32. Life is so much easier when Derrick’s team wins so let’s hope they keep it up!

P.S. Life is also easier when I see this face. I know this Little Spartan will be getting a good nights rest and so will Mommy!


  1. So cute! I love her Spartans outfit! AND, how many jokes have you cracked from SNL about the Spartans? I hope a bunch! :)

  2. she is going to be Derrick's #1 cheerleader! I see many more nights spent at the gym. Enjoy this year because next she will want to go up and down the steps over and over! Keep up the good work Coach Clubb