Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blessed with a Belly

I am not saying that I am not always a “Proud Momma”, but certain things just seem to make me smile a little bigger and make me want to send out massive emails so my family can see Miss Neely in all of her glory. I had one of those moments this week. Neely has struggled with her weight since we came home from the hospital. We were in the doctor’s office almost twice a week for weight checks and I was going to see a lactation consultant to have her weighed before and after feeding to make sure she was getting enough milk (which she wasn’t). I have fed, pumped, fed, pumped and then fed and pumped some more since we came home from the hospital. Finally, I feel like we are making progress. I was giving Sweet Cheeks a bath this week and Derrick was busy snapping pictures. Later when I looked back at the pictures I was happily surprised…

Yay! She has a belly! I could not be happier! Sometimes you just need to step back and have one of those moments where you realize your hard work is paying off…this was my moment!

I am not by any means trying to cover up her baby belly in that last pic. I was just trying to keep her from sliding down her tub for the 100th time. Wet babies are more slippery than I had imagined!


  1. I love her little belly!! I truly cannot wait to see you all for Thanksgiving! I still think you should convince Chewmomma to come up to Columbus! But, I am so excited to see you all in Kentucky! :)

  2. That is definitely the cutest baby belly I have seen in a LONG time, probably even FOREVER. And all that hair!? Can you hear me hollerin' NO FAIR all the way from Georgia?

  3. Bless her heart! Well, she gets it honest...she comes from a long line of ladies that love to eat! ;o)