Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding or Baby, I Love A Good Shower

Busy couple of weekends! I love it when we are busy and have lots to do, but I do miss sleeping. It has become one of my favorite things to do here lately. Growing a baby is a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I love it, but this belly just seems to get in the way of household chores. I can no longer carry a laundry basket the way I used to, getting on my hands and knees to clean the floors is a total event and I don’t even want to talk about scrubbing a bathtub. I think I am going to give up household chores for the next couple of months and let Derrick take over. It should get very interesting at our house…and dusty.

Anyway, I have been to two showers here lately and here they are…

My cousin, Rachel, is getting married to a great guy, Greg, this July. I was able to make it to her wedding shower and it was great! She got so many wonderful gifts and thankfully, she is moving to Louisville after she is married. The reason I am thankful is that I can already tell she is going to need me to come up and help her use all of her lovely gifts…ok, she really doesn’t need me to, but I am volunteering in a heart beat. I have never seen so many fabulous kitchen gifts. I really want to volunteer her to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family.

I do LOVE watching people open gifts at showers. I know a lot of people hate to open them in front of everyone, but I seriously don’t mind if it takes hours…I want to see everything. Sadly, I didn’t get pictures of all of her goodies because I was a little distracted by these…

And these…

And several of these…

I did get some great “action” pics of Becky Jo. I like to pretend like she is singing here, but really she is just thanking everyone for coming. (But you can almost hear her...I think it looks sounds like Kumbaya complete with hand motions)

Such a good hostess, she was trying to talk to guests and smile in time for my camera flashes (almost)

Here is a great picture of both Rachel and Becky. They looked so pretty and I cannot wait to see them at the wedding.  I know they will both be stunning!

And here is my favorite picture of Rachel, Aunt Sue, Becky and our Granny…

And here is one of the ladies in our family that were able to make it. I would like to say that I did not hop up in the front. Granny pushed me. And I am not sure how Rachel managed to end up hiding  in the her own shower. We will have to keep an eye out  for her on the big day.

And Greg showed up just in time...

Actually, he was a little early. I think he was really excited about all their gifts but you can tell he is wondering how he is going to get all of this home...

After all that fun, I had another one. I had to drive up to Evansville, IN, for a work meeting and they surprised me afterwards with a baby shower!

Baby Girl is going to love her new things! I already have them in the nursery (which I HAVE to get working on today!)

This little fluffy is so sweet! The little baby bunny is actually a rattle. I seriously want to hug on it all day long because it is so soft and cuddly.

And Elizabeth also gave me this nice blanket…GO HILLTOPPERS!!!


  1. That sweet baby belly is so cute! HI, Baby Girl in there!! ;o) It's about time you post some pictures of that belly, missy.

    All the pictures were so fun to see...esp. since I didn't get to attend Rachel's shower. :o( I'm shocked you took more pictures of people than food. HAHA! Just kidding, sister... hehe....

    And I loved seeing the pictures of your shower from your sweet of them! The topper blanket...YEA!! Maybe Baby Girl will even stay in South Hall one day....HAHAHAHAHA! If so, I'm totally going for a visit. Unless they still have community bathrooms and no A/ which point, I'll just drive by and honk the horn and meet her at DUC. HAHA!

    Oh, I just saw the blanket was from Elizabeth...GREAT gift! Tell her I said so when you see her!

    I fully expect more pregnancy updates/pictures/etc,'ll want it later, trust me. :o)

    Lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, the picture of you at Rachel's shower...the one where you are up in front of everybody...recall if you will how you always make fun of Derrick for standing in front at Amelia's blessing in the big family photo....HAHAHAHAHHA! NOW HE CAN MAKE FUN OF YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. It looks like two great showers! The food looked so yummy :D

    I'm the same - I love to know what presents people get...haha!

    Gemma X