Sunday, May 2, 2010

Retired and Gone Fishin'

Not me. Not yet. Not any time soon. I love working so it will be a long time before I ever think about retiring. But my heels are done! At least till after Baby Girl gets here. This Friday I had a little accident. I was carrying entirely too much (i.e. a computer, a purse, a can of caffeine free coca-cola, a work bag and a cell phone attached to my ear) and did a little tumble down our stairs. I have never been so scared in my life! I hit pretty much every stair on the way down, and I know this because Derrick saw the whole thing. I actually have a bad tailbone (which is an entirely different story) so I guess I must have instinctively turned my body and went down on what seemed to be the best thing…my hips. I had to rush over to the doctor and get a quick ultrasound and thankfully Baby Girl is just fine. Thank the Lord! I have never said so many prayers in my life! The tailbone is also fine. The hips, not so much. I am supposed to take it easy and keep ice on the area. I am developing a colorful bruise, but it’s in one of those areas that I will never photograph so all I have is a shot of the evil shoes...

As for the fishing, I think it is going to be possible in our side yard very soon…

There is actually a deck that is built up around these trees. It is a sink hole area and in some places, the deck is taller than I am. So needless to say, some of this water is over my head. We are praying that it stops raining here so that our walk out basement doesn’t get flooded…but it is steadily creeping towards us.

I will be honest though, if we did not have such bad weather conditions and if I wasn’t pregnant, I would probably take the dogs out there for a little swim. And I might even go for a swing if I could talk Derrick into wading through the water here to push me…

I made Derrick sleep in the basement with me last night. I usually NEVER watch the weather. I rely on my friend, Brooke, to call me and let me know if there is anything ugly headed my way. BUT, every since I have become pregnant, I have found an addiction to the weather channel. I turn it on when there is the hint of a slight breeze. I totally flipped out yesterday and sent Derrick to the store so we could have a survival basket in the event that we were trapped in the basement. It was a last minute list and I feel like I am leaving out essentials. This is what I have:

- Jugs of water
- Snack food
- Fresh plums (I think Baby Girl was having a craving)
- Candles/matches
- Flashlight
- Extra bedding
- Phones
- My billfold

What am I leaving out? Derrick didn’t think we needed any of this. And since I fell down the stairs, he insisted on taking everything down himself while I walked slowly down the steps with a death grip on the rail (per his instructions). He totally made fun of my list, but let me tell you, if something horrible was to happen and we crawled out of some ruble to find all of our worldly possesions gone he would have been pretty grateful. Here’s how I imagine it…
“Thanks for bringing the snacks. I never would have had the energy to unwrap myself from all those cozy blankets in order to find the phone and call the police to come help us. And those flashlights and candles were great to signal our location to the police. And if we wouldn’t have had the Visa, I am not quite sure how we would have checked into this warm, dry hotel. You’re the best wife ever and I will NEVER make fun of you getting hysterical about the weather again. ”

It’s a nice thought, but I am so relieved we don’t have to have that conversation. I know there are so many families who are devastated because of the rain and tornados and we will continue to send lots of prayers up on their behalf!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and the terrible weather! Atleast you are both ok : ). Do you get tornados in your area then?

    Gemma x

  2. Kelly! I am so relieved to hear you are ok from your fall!! I hate to hear that about the weather---did you take the dogs down with you? I've been praying for some thunderstorms up here, but I think they've completely missed us. Anyways, I love your survival basket!! :) Love, becky

  3. Oh my gosh I am glad you and pretty baby are all right. Praying for you and your bad weather! Erin

  4. I see you are beginning to understand my obsession with the weather channel! Love the basket - very reminiscent of the type of things we gathered for what we thought would be a crippling ice storm last winter! Go ahead and say good bye to the heels - your feet will thank you.