Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My first Mother’s Day. Well, I am not really a “mother” yet, but we celebrated anyway. I absolutely cannot wait until next year when we actually have Baby Girl here and are able to thoroughly enjoy holidays like today. This is my first ultrasound when Baby Girl was just a sweet little pea…

This year we stayed in town and spent the afternoon with Derrick’s Mom, Mamaw, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. We also had an unexpected (but very welcomed) visit from our good friends, Wyatt and Lori, who were on their way home to Louisville from Nashville. We loved getting to spend today with family AND friends!

We were very low key. These days we love “simple” especially since every time we get about half way through ANY project, I seem to need a nap. Sometimes I will own it and admit that I need some down time. Other times, Derrick has to kindly tell me that I “seem to be getting a little tired and I should lay down for a bit” which is a nice way of saying “Hey, you ole nasty witch…Why don’t you go take a nap so I don’t have to be around your horrible hind end.” He denies that is what he means, but I know the truth. Sometimes I tend to get cranky and these hormones are just gasoline to a fire.

Anyway, we grilled out some steak sandwiches and they were tender! They were juicy! They were seasoned wonderfully!

 I have to make sure that I point out how yummy the steak was, seeing how it was one of the things that had me all tore up today. I laid down for a little nap and when I woke up Derrick had cut the steak in a different way than what I had planned on cutting it. You would have thought the world was coming to an end. I threw a major hissy fit. It was BAD. Mom ended up calling right in the middle of it and calmed me down. How about that for a “Happy Mother’s Day” phone call. She is a keeper. Whenever I overreact she usually just asks if she needs to mail Derrick some Band-Aides…since she figures I just ripped his head off. Although that is an awful thing to admit about myself, it is the truth and I am always sorry. Thankfully, he is always forgiving.

So on with the meal….

These are actually a new recipe for me. They are Zucchini Patties. They were really good but I think I may change up the recipe some before I make them again...

For dessert I made these little jars. One is fruit and pound cake and the other is brownies and chocolate chips. I made enough for everyone to have one of each but apparently I am the only (pregnant) one that thinks 2 (pint size) desserts are completely normal after a meal (disgusting display of over-eating). They ended up being really cute and tasty. I am sure Derrick and I will manage to polish off the left overs within the next day or so….

As for the babies I currently have in my life, they are tuckered out from having guests and table scraps. Maggie...



And Winks...

Another quick note, Derrick and I were in the nursery showing his Mom and Mamaw Baby Girl’s wardrobe when we heard a noise. We were sure that someone had helped themselves to a bite of steak or two but we were wrong. Charlie actually ate a pound cake. The whole thing. Well, almost the whole thing…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


  1. Happy First Mother's Day! Everything looks so lovely! The little jars turned out great. Mom wants the zucchini recipe after you doctor on it a little.

  2. Poor Charles...shame on you for leaving that there on the counter...JUST TEMPTIN' THE LITTLE FELLAR!!!!!! Did he get any steak??? Can't wait to try the zuc. patties! HAPPY MOTHER's DAY, SISTER!!!

  3. Your day sounded lovely! The desert in the jars look YUMMY!! Your pets are relly cute : )

    Gemma X