Monday, May 3, 2010

The Boss Lady and Her Garden Patch

Today I had a total realization that I was going to have my own child and I was going to have to become a “Boss Lady”. I was on the phone with Katie when Little Miss Amelia Kate had done something bad (I am not sure what – I think she had dumped out a glass of sweet tea on the floor and was proceeding to take the ice cubes and kindly put them inside of one of her books). Anyway, she of course was told “No” and then I believe she stuck her tongue out at her Momma. This of course led to her getting into more trouble. Lots more.

I remember getting in trouble quite often when Katie and I were young. Our poor Momma. I don’t think we ever gave her a moments rest. And of course when we got spankings she told us it hurt her more than it did us. At the time you never believe it, but now I do. The first time I ever swatted Amelia it almost killed me. It was actually the first time she had ever spent the night with us at our house. I do not have a childproof home and there is zero of those nice little electric safety plugs for our outlets. So I thought I should do a quick fix on the room she was sleeping in, which meant I covered all the outlets with painter’s tape (it was all I could find in a pinch). Well, tell me what two-year-old wouldn’t be highly attracted to big blue tape on the wall? She proceeded to go around picking it off and smiling. I kindly told her it was a “No”, and bless her heart, she just kept on picking away. So, I swatted her hand. Her little face was so confused. She had no clue what in the world had just happened and why on earth I would ever swat at her. Her eyes swelled up with big crocodile tears and I have never seen a child stick their bottom lip out so far. It broke my heart. I always feel bad for the little bug every time she gets in trouble, but I know you have to do it. I decided Katie needed a little “happy” since she has to give out discipline to both of her babies. I would have gotten some of this for my own Momma, but Lord knows her spanking days are over. She has become quite soft now that she is a Grandma. She even promotes jumping on beds which screams that she is no longer a Boss Lady.

Here is a breakdown:

Some body cream…

A mirror…

Some matches…

And a change purse (which I am sure will go to Amelia)…

I know this does not make discipline any easier, but I am hopeful that she will get a laugh at these trinkets. I found the goodies at one of my favorite places ever…The Garden Patch. I never walk out empty handed. I LOVE it there. It is without a doubt my happy place. I managed to find some candle stick holders and this sweet little duck (which will soon have a pink bow around her neck) for the nursery…

The duck reminds me of one of my own childhood treasures…

And I also grabbed these adorable seed tins.

I have several of these here at the house but they seemed to have been misplaced and I needed them immediately for a wedding shower for my cousin, Rachel. I was only looking for the “Wedding Sprinkles” (it grows into a white bouquet of flowers) but I thought the others might come in handy. She obviously needs “Good Luck” (Clover – hopefully at least one four leaf in there) and “Congratulations” (Four O’clock flowers) and a few “Thank You” tins (French Marigold). I think they are such a cute idea and I hope she likes them.


  1. kelly jo! you should never feel bad for giving your momma a hard time! after all, aunt connie was the one who used to hold her breath until she passed out for poor granny!! haha :) love you, becky

  2. Very true, Becky! And sadly, she would make her self pass out because she wanted pencils. I could not imagine! For a winning lottery ticket, yes. For pencils, no.

  3. Too funny! I definitely agree that it hurts us Momma's way more than it hurts the kids when they get a spanking. Audrey is 11 months old and we are working on the word "no." I can only imagine how awful it will be when we actually have to spank her tush. She already cries like you stole her blanky when you tell her no. Are you ever going to give up that name? :) How is your nursery coming along? Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! :)

  4. I imagine it is very difficult but as you said it is something we all have to do. The goodies are wonderful..a lovely present!

    The garden patch sounds wonderful. I wish I could go there.... I may go and see if they have a website : )

    Gemma x

  5. Discipline is one of the hardest parts of parenting. I think you have to make a believer out of them EARLY and then there won't be as many problems later. But, it is hard to get them when they are little. And, I have not gotten to the later yet so I may sing a different tune then. When you hold Baby Girl for the first time you will think she is perfect (which she will be) and you could never swat at her. Give her a few months and when she bites you for the first time while nursing you will smack that little leg before you know what happened.

  6. KELLY, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying laughing! Hysterical! Those "trinkets" are the best. The mirror will come in quite handy, I imagine, with all that "discipline" I'm doling out. The Boss Lady. Oh my word....

    "Show 'em the bacon yer out there makin'"....who thinks of this stuff?! Again...I'm dying!

    Amelia is constantly wanting to get her hands on my stuffed, quilted bunny but you know how scary that might get. Sweet duck...def. needs a huge pink satin bow.

    I think your part about never leaving The Garden Patch empty-handed is a total understatement. You haul half the stuff they sell home. HAHA! I think when they see your car pulling up, they just go ahead and start taking down all the displays. I actually don't just "think" that...I know it since I've witnessed it firsthand. You definitely show them the bacon yer out there makin'. It's the truth, Kelly. Own it.

    Amen to Laura's'll wonder how in the wide, wide world you could ever get to the point of discipline of any nature, then you swiftly realize all children need a little Boss Lady in their lives. I can't wait till the day I'm on the phone with you and Baby Girl is hiding stolen ice cubes all over the house, and you get after her. I will most assuredly be on the other end of the line....laughing like you do, and encouraging all sorts of rotten behavior in payback. HAHA! ;o) You'll be a great momma.