Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flowers and Other Sweet Surprises!

We woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning!

I love getting flowers and these are beautiful! And they smell just as good as they look :) Our friends Elizabeth and Steve sent these over with a congratulations note. Very sweet and thoughtful and we really appreciated the wonderful gesture.

I know that all of our friends and family are really excited about our baby girl and they can’t wait till she gets here almost as much as we can’t. We have had a couple of gifts sent to the house and others are on their way. My Mom (who is already affectionately known as Chewmomma by her other grandchildren) is having our crib delivered on Monday! Yay!!!!

My Aunt Kay had bought this adorable rocker and although I haven’t seen it yet in person, I know is has to be just as beautiful as the pictures show. It is currently residing at my Mom’s until my next visit. I have already had a couple of phone calls from other family members who want to keep it. I can’t wait to get it safely home! Haha!

My sister, Katie, has sent several emails about the “surprises” she has found here and there. Sadly, she isn’t willing to tell us what they are. I did talk her into showing me a picture of one and that is this perfect white crib quilt. I can just imagine our little one cuddled up in it.

Today we did some garden shopping with Derrick’s Mom (who actually goes by Nana now) and she surprised us with these…

I love them and I can’t wait to get started on the nursery so I can find their permanent home. She also gave us this little beauty…

How soft! Why in the world someone doesn’t make grown up pajamas like this is beyond me. I would wear one all the time!

Oh wait…I just realized the do make them. It’s called a Duster. I think I will hold off on those for a little while :)

And lastly, Derrick and I went ahead and bought our high chair. We actually found this when bought our dining room table but didn't see any reason to buy it at that point. Thankfully the store was able to order it for us and it just came in this week (not that this is somehting we need immediately, but we really wanted it).


  1. I found your blog through your sisters and you all are just so sweet! I love older stuff too and I have the exact same Jenny Lind crib and I love it. Congratulations on having a girl! :)

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  3. Love everything. You will use the gown most of all. They are perfect for new babies.
    Baby girl will be living well with all those beautiful furnishings

  4. Love it all! The high chair is wonderful. Everything is going to be so cute when you get it all fixed.

  5. I can't wait for Baby (ooooh, almost said her IS a surpise, right? Either way, I'm glad I'm in on it...HAHAHA! I like to be in the know. Makes me feel important.) Seriously, it was ALL I HAD IN ME not to bring that rocker home with me. I shoulda brought it here just to keep the dust off of it. Not that there would be dust at momma's!! And the only reason the dust wouldn't be on it here, would be because Jack Jack would probably be standing on it backward and rocking like the wild heathern child he is. (Bless his sweet soul.) And, well, AK would probably pull out a secret Sharpie from her hidden stash and decorate it. And her naked barbies would probably be wedged into the caning. So I reckon it's best it's at momma's and not here. Super sweet on the flowers, and the gown is gorgeous!!! It sorta trumps the little ol' piddly sleepers I'm sending. HAHA! But I'll still send them...for when Baby (Secret) has those down days where she just wants to grunge. If she is anything like us, that is. ;o)