Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Extended

I just realized how horrible of an aunt I am. I have had these Easter baskets ready for almost two weeks and I forgot to send them out. Two of them should have been in Atlanta for Amelia and Jack. Whoops! And the third was should have been given to Corbin yesterday. I even saw him. I am slacking. I had put them in our spare bedroom so the dogs wouldn’t help themselves to a chocolate buffet. I completely forgot about them! My mission is to get them sent off TODAY. I know they already have plenty of candy from yesterday, so when they get these in the mail it will just extend the chocolate rush. I am sure that will make everyone’s parent very happy. Haha!


  1. They look so cute...I'm sure they'll love them! Hope you had a great Easter

    Gemma X

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Save them for next year! Pack them up in a box...minus the candy....and store them till then. Then all the babies will be old enough to love them all the more. Those googly-eyed bunnies and chick are adorable. And I keep trying to get a better look at the stuffed bunnies. All cute.... You are making it awfully hard when it's my turn to be an aunt. I have some stuff coming, though. For Bitty Baby. From Aunt Pippi. ;o)