Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kansas is the 34th State!

I do love to give gifts, but I feel like there has to be a reason or else I just purchase all the time. I always find things that remind me of other people when I am out shopping and I grab them up and try to keep them for birthdays and Christmas, but it drives me nuts. When I have gifts at my house I am forced to call almost daily and make people guess what their gifts are (after I have given a slew of misleading hints). So much fun! But sometimes it is hard to give the gifts after they have been in my home for awhile because I get attached and I know I will miss them.

I have already bought my sister, Katie, a couple of birthday presents but that doesn’t roll around til June 5th. I can’t wait that long. After a mad search on Google for any forgotten holidays that fall on Jan. 29th this is what I have:
  • The first inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame are announced
  • Kansas becomes the 34th state
  • Something about Bologna, Italy (this offered no inspiration, just made me hungry)

No more! I have a new plan!

I am declaring today a holiday for the lack of better reason to give gifts. Soooo, today (for myself…I will not be forcing my own personal holidays on others) is dedicated to my sister and is called “Congratulations You Are Almost About to Have Your Second Baby and I Hope It’s a Girl That You Name After Me” day! Only kidding about that naming it after me part…or am I? On to the presents!

TA DA!!!!

Okay – bad joke on Katie! This owl is way too hideous for your house. I will just keep it. Hanging on my hallway wall. Backwards. With tacky fake flowers shoved in it.




Hope you love them!

And here is a picture of Winks (my one-eyed kitty) just because I know my momma misses seeing her.

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  1. Finally - a picture of winks. Love the gifts for Katie. You are too generous. Winksy really looks contented.