Saturday, February 21, 2009

Packin' Up!

We have had a busy last couple of weeks! We have started a couple of projects…none of which are finished, yet. And we are starting a few more. We actually started packing up our house today, every bit of it. We are getting hardwood floors laid everywhere except the basement so we have to clear everything out. We have exactly nine days to pack everything we own into our basement and garage. How much fun!

Needless to say…we are worn out!

Most of our projects that we are currently working on are in our bedroom. We have lived here for over 6 months and we are no where close to deciding what direction we want to go with this room. We painted the walls a shade of blue and I have collected some random fabric from here and there. I am planning on using it to finish my curtains, make pillows and who knows what else.
I also have several stacks of plates and platters that hopefully will find homes. I am trying my hardest not to hang anything on the walls right now since it will just be that much more to clean after the floors are laid and sanded.

Obviously, I do not ever, ever, ever discriminate against dishes. I love them all!

These blue dishes, my favorite, were stolen (or given to me after serious begging) from my sister. They usually hang in my bedroom but have already been taken down for packing purposes.

My latest addiction is red dishes for my kitchen. I already have a few which hang on the walls and sit in my cabinet.

I also got a few new ones for Valentine’s Day from Derrick. These will actually be used more for everyday use because I have been banned from hanging anymore dishes in the kitchen :(

Well, I guess I need to finish packing up a few more things. Maybe after five more minutes of watching Johnny walk the line…


  1. If we were closer, we would help with all the packing... Well, Amelia would help by ,er, um, "entertaining" WInks and Annie. ;o)

  2. Um...the hardwoods??? Pictures???