Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Month

Time to catch up! Last month was a little bit of a blur but this is kind of how it went…

Derrick’s basketball team made it to State this year, so we got to watch them play at Rupp Arena in Lexington. I was really happy because Mom came down and got to watch her first Bowling Green Purples game. She really supports Derrick being a coach and she just felt horrible that she hasn’t been able to come to any games so she insisted on cheering enough to make up for the whole season. She cheered for the Purples, yelled at refs, and swung a towel around her head so violently that I almost lost an eye (Welcome to Kentucky Basketball!). Unfortunately (due to very bad calls…coach’s wife coming out), they lost in OT to a team (cheaters) that had excellent players (recruited) who played very hard (paid the refs) and went on to play (get stomped) by the state champions.

We finally have hardwood floors! YAY!!! And bruised bodies. We haven’t quite mastered walking in socks, but we are improving. I never knew I would love floors so much! I feel like we are living in a totally different house. The best part about it is the wonderful shine in the sunlight. The worst part about having the floors finished is that we no longer have a dumpster. I was really getting used to pitching my coke cans and trash straight from my car into that huge metal box. I have even pitched a few things anyway. I think I might be suffering from phantom limb syndrome, even though my attachment was more emotional than physical.

And leave it to use to start a hundred other projects before the workers have even gathered their tools. Our latest project (that is actually finished) is our kitchen table. I found it at my happy place…the Garden Patch. More on that later…much more.

We painted the table red and cleaned up all of the tiles. We have had a couple of people mention that some of the tiles are cracked. We know. We like it. Now we have to work on rummaging up some chairs.

My friend Brooke and I found this lovely piece at the flea market. I think it was called a grain mill.

It is now called a blanket chest.
We also are working on our landscaping but it is barely started and no where close to being finished. To date we have broken two shovels, apparently put too much oil in the chain saw, dulled our sheers and found out that no matter how much smack I talk, Derrick really can drill a screw into a piece of rotten wood faster than I can.


  1. the floors look great!! And, so does your hair-I love it!

  2. I wished we could've come to Derrick's game! Next season, we have already decided we are coming to at least one! We'll have to dress up Amelia & (insert new baby's name) in his colors. Amelia will cheer. Obnoxiously, I'm sure. Do they have a mascot? Will we embarrass Derrick? ;o)

    I loooove your floors! I can't wait to come check them out! And I can't wait for you to fix me something to eat on your new kitchen table. I'll be thinking of what I want you to fix me. Hmmm.....

    Can I have the grain mill? Don't make me beg. I'll come pick it up in a couple months. Have it emptied out by the time I get there. (Stop laughing...that's not a joke.)