Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Snow Day

We can rationalize anything. Derrick and I are starting to worry about losing power since so many of our friends have been without it for about 36 hours. We have decided that as a precaution, we might need to pack on as much blubber as possible to keep ourselves warm in case we lose our heat. Starting immediately we are eating all fried foods. Soooo, last night I fried chicken for dinner with the usual sides and buttery biscuits. For Charlie…it was torture.

And if nobody is going to stop him...

Well worth the spanking that followed...

The weather has kept us indoors for another day and we are all starting to get a little cabin fever…especially the animals.

Somehow all three of our babies made a break for it today and escaped out of the fenced in back yard. Our girls, Annie and Maggie, always come back when called but Charlie is another story. He had to be lured in by a box of cookies.

When the girls had their fill of the snow they concerned themselves with a new scent coming from my plant shed where I keep my flower pots. Derrick had told me last night he thought some birds were in there trying to keep warm. The last thing I wanted to see this morning was a bird get eaten by my playful four-leggers so I rushed them in the house and checked out the shed. Look what I found!

He was so scared! You know I had to feed him so I grabbed some peanut butter crackers and he has already eaten one and is working on the second. Derrick is not pleased that I am feeding him and says we can’t keep him. As if I would bring a squirrel in the house. He is just going to be my side-porch squirrel. I am making him a bed tonight.

While I am stuck in the house I figure I might as well get some cleaning done…

Maybe find a home for some recent finds…

And figure out how exactly to fit my entire pork loin in the fry daddy…


  1. I want to come over for dinner! :o) As long as Chuckie hasn't gotten ahold of any of the biscuits.

    Haven't you named the squirrel yet?

  2. Chuckie is adorable. I bet the squirrel was scareed to death.

  3. I am with Katie- what time is dinner?