Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's "Udderly" Delicious

Chaney’s Dairy Barn. One of my favorite places.

We were trying to figure out what to cook tonight for dinner and honestly, it has just been too hot to cook. I think our air conditioner has been going non-stop for the past five days without shutting off. Every time I even attempt to stand in front of the stove I about pass out from the heat. We decided chicken salad from Chaney’s was a much “cooler” option than cooking.

And where else are you going to get the best ice cream other than an actual dairy farm? I could eat my weight in this stuff. Tonight I had Pralines and Cream…

Derrick had Chocolate Chip (don’t worry, he didn’t get short changed on his ice cream – he just started eating it before we paid for it and this was what was left)…

I love to sit outside here while we eat ice cream. It is absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful.

But check out this old girl. I think she is ready to be milked. But Derrick wasn’t up to it. I tried.

Next time my niece and nephew come up to visit we are going to have to take them here. I think they would love this…

But if for some reason we can’t make it to Chaney’s, we can always hope to see them at another spot in town seeing how they bring the "MOO to YOU”.

After we left we stopped and bought the dogs some squeaky tennis balls. I just have to put a couple of the pictures on here because they were having way too much fun.

Annie is a little bit of a nut for tennis balls. She absolutely will not put hers down for any reason except to try to steal someone else’s. One day she will find a way to fit two in her mouth at once. And even if she doesn’t, I know she will never stop trying : )


  1. Goodness, that looks delicious. I do believe I would have taken Derrick's back for a refund...his cone sure does look awful spindly. ;o) HA!

    Your baby belly looks too cute! Just wait till your milk comes in after she is born. You will look like "that old girl"...poor thing.

    I'm schocked that Charles actually runs for anything that's not edible. Shocked!

  2. how are you wearing jeans? They are too hot for me! I have always wanted to take hannah there but never have. Maybe we will do that real soon! you look so stinkin" cute!!!

  3. Hey Kelly Jo!

    You look like your glowing! That ice-cream sure looks good..I could eat one right now : )

    Gemma X

  4. Look at your cute little belly bump! :) That looks so yummy! Hope your pregnancy is going well! :)

  5. I love the picture of you eating the ice cream. You and Baby Girl look fab!