Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A "Berry" Special Birthday Party

Wow! Birthday parties. At the pool. I promise I have never seen anything like it. This weekend Derrick and I went to our very first kid’s birthday party. We are still awestruck. There were hundreds (maybe not quite that many) little ones running and swimming. We seriously stood in the background and took it all in with big stupid smiles on our faces. The whole time I kept thinking to myself, “We are seriously going to have to buy some running shoes and start training now to be able to keep up with Baby Girl.”

My friend Laura invited us to her daughters’ birthday party. Hannah turned 5 and Maggie turned 2 and they had a Strawberry Shortcake theme party. It was too stinking cute. Thankfully I passed my glucose tolerance test this week so that I could have a huge piece of these gorgeous cakes...

I had to ask a million questions. Here are my pearls of wisdom that I am taking away...
1. “Someone watch my child while I cut the cake.” – Laura
2. “All the kids need to dry off before they eat” – Hannah
3. “The hardest part of a birthday party is letting your kids unwrap the presents but not open them. You will lose pieces and be mad at yourself later.” – Valerie
4. “Find a new love for soccer (which is conveniently on the TV located the shade) - Derrick
5. “No joke. Someone watch my child while I cut the cake.” – Laura
6. “Don’t let the ice cream melt on the table.” – Gracie

Ok. Gracie didn’t actually “say” not to let the ice cream melt on the table. But these pictures did…

We had a great time and can’t wait until next year!!! More pictures of the party are here…


  1. I was so glad ya'll came! Good thing Hannah was watching my child and got her off the bottom of the pool. Donnie said that Hannah is like her Mama...bossy. Sweet Gracie always make me laugh. All in all it was a berry special day! And, next year you won't be standing back smiling. You will be in the water, slapping sunscreen on Baby Girl and trying to keep the big kids from splashing her in the face when they jump in. You might want to get some aqua socks when you get your running shoes :)

  2. Haha I can imagine it was very overwhelming! Lots of hyper kids that are either soaking or sticky or BOTH!!

    Gemma X