Monday, October 3, 2011

Neely Jo's 1st Birthday

Tonight we celebrated Neely Jo’s 1st Birthday!!! We are having a family get together this weekend, so tonight was just the three of us and it was perfect. 

We gave Neely her big present tonight...her rocking horse. Meet Big Brown, named after our favorite (because he was the best ever) Derby Winner. Neely Jo is loving Big Brown. We may need to run out and buy her a helmet because she is slightly aggressive. She will have to tone it WAY down if she ever wants to be a jockey. (The pictures are all fuzzy...but the first one is my favorite.)

Her birthday cake was a carrot cake because, well, the girl loves all things orange. Carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins (and maybe even UT football one day). I am just going to go ahead and say that I was completely unprepared for this cake eating business. I kinda was thinking she would sit there and eat her cake, bow in her hair and I thought it would get messy, but I had no idea. It started off pretty...

And then it got funny...

And then it was a little out of control...

And then I was just down right scared....

Luckily, Derrick volunteered to give her a bath.  That water had so much icing in it is was  like milk. And PS...I know I should probably stop using that infant tub, but it is about the only way I can contain her. Otherwise she dunks her head in the water, slips and slides all over and don’t even get me started on the dangers of her dancing in the tub. 

After all the cake we got to see what the view was like from Sugar Heaven. Neely Jo was 100% W-I-L-D. I almost called my sister to see how long a sugar high lasts. She is a nurse. She should know stuff like that. She probably should have been here to help. 

And finally she is asleep. Snug as a bug. It was a good day. 

And this is all that's left.  Cake eating is a messy business. 


  1. Kelly,
    What a fun first Birthday for Neely! Her expressions and the pictures you have are priceless :)
    I cant't wait to see her ride Big Brown, she looks like she loves her rocking horse. I am so thankful and excited for your precious family and Neely's first Bday:)

  2. I can't help but wonder what was going through Neely's mind when she saw that she had an entire cake to herself...and that it didn't matter how much of a mess she made!! I hope everyone has a great time this weekend when all of the family is in!! :)