Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catching Up...Once Again

I have seriously turned into the worst mom. I have not been keeping up with Neely Jo’s comings and goings nearly as well as I should have been. She is turning a year old tomorrow and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.  Quickest recap in the history of the world...

At Neely’s nine month well check we found out that she did in fact have an enamel deficiency soooo we had to start taking her to the pediatric dentist. In an attempt to keep from putting her to sleep and have her baby teeth worked on, we are brushing and brushing and then brushing some more. The child just cut her sixth tooth last week and so far it is looking good. The plus side is that LOVE our dentist and the staff is WONDERFUL. And even id Neely screams in their face sometimes, she is happy when they give her a rubber ducking (who has a toothbrush, toothpaste and big set of pearly whites). 

At daycare she has started a gang. Or at least that is what Derrick says. She and another little boy have started hitting the other kids. And she also tells the other children “Eh! Eh!” when they get into the cabinets and if they don’t stop she swats their hands. At first I was really embarrassed but now I am considering asking daycare if they can add her onto the payroll as the disciplinarian because if she is going to do it she might as well get paid for it. And then maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about it. 
She isn’t walking on her own yet, but she is cruising around and into EVERYTHING. This morning she came barreling out of the bathroom with a q-tip in each hand and one hanging out of her mouth.  She is saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da, Hi and Bye, and Uh-Oh on her own and is trying to repeat new words everyday. She is sadly going through a bit of a phase (hopefully) where she likes to slap people across the face. We are spanking her for this and sometimes it turns into a slap-off match, but I always win in the end. Until I get slapped again. 

And since it is fall, we have been hitting up Jackson's Apple Orchard...

And she is finally taking naps more regularly. Long ones. Sometimes it’s hard not to just go wake her up because I miss her... 

And some extra pictures that I love...


  1. She is SO cute! I love the pic of her cuddled up with her frog! awwww!

  2. So precious!! I am so happy to have all of these super cute pictures to look through! And, happy birthday neely!! :)