Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Baby Luncheon

July has come and gone and I could not be more excited about it! It was a rough month for us…first the deer, then I had to have a cyst removed from my lower back, then our AC went out and finally Charlie helped himself to a basket of chocolate and we had to make a late night visit to the animal hospital. Thankfully…all of those situation are resolved and doing well! But we were happy to see July come to an end!

July also brought us a few happy moments. I had my 29th birthday…one more year till the BIG 30! These days I think I could fall asleep on command in about 2.5 seconds so we opted for a very relaxing birthday…dinner, presents and then bedtime. My friend, Elizabeth, did drop off an ice cream cake so there was a little midnight snacking as well…

So far this month has been great! We had our baby luncheon last weekend and it was so much fun! Elizabeth, Brooke and Katie hosted the party at our house and did a fabulous job!

My family was able to come in for a quick visit and we got to see many of our out-of-town friends that we don't get to see often enough...

And of course my nephew and niece were there…

We had worked Amelia up for two weeks that she was going to be helping me open presents, so she was more than happy to help…

Until there was tissue paper…

That needed to be put on Baby Carlee…

And all the ranch dip needed to be removed from a couple of Rachel’s tomatoes…

Thankfully I was able to recruit some more present openers while Amelia was distracted. Unfortunately all I have is a picture of their pretty blonde hair from the back. They took their task a little more seriously. There wasn’t time to be cheesing and posing with all the presents that needed to be unwrapped. Thank you, Maggie and Hannah!

(Don’t judge my open mouth smile…I was super pumped with all of the hair bows that Laura made and she even made the hair bow hanger to match the nursery!)

We did get so many lovely things and I cannot wait to use them!

Brooke made several beautiful things for Baby Girl, one of which is this white blanket that we plan on using at her baby blessing….

My mom was able to find a pair of big girl boots for her to play in the snow with when she gets older. We don’t get that much snow here, so I am sure this was a premeditated gift that she hopes will ensure that we come visit her in the winter…preferable Christmas. She is a sneaky one!

And she has her First Basketball! Derrick could not be more pleased!!!

I just finished writing the last of the Thank You notes and dropped them in the mail. And my hostesses should be receiving their “Thank You For Everything - We Love You So Much and Really Appreciate All of Your Hard Work!” gifts soon if not already - check your mail boxes!


  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your shower. It was so wonderful to get to see your family again. Baby Girl is truly blessed with wonderful friends and family. I can't wait until she gets here! Thanks for the thank you gift - it is perfect!

  2. I love that picture of you at the top..I know you are not in love with being pregnant, but it suits you! ;o) The party was nice....and very fun! (And we all Derrick was REAL fun -HA!) I was sorta bummed I didn't get a pic of you and the sausage balls. I usually always get one of those. I think you were just too busy this time. I should have gotten one the next morning when we were munching on leftovers before everyone else woke up and we were laughing so hard you got choked. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Can't wait for Baby Girl to GET HERE!! I promise I won't let AK have any tissue paper around her....

  3. Hi Kelly Jo

    I'm glad to see all is well! All those presents are adorable : )

    Baby girl is very lucky!!

    Love Gemma x

  4. The shower was great! That is a cute picture of us. I need one! The count down is on...only a little longer and we all get to meet Baby Girl! You and Derrick are going to be wonderful parents and I know she will be loved by so many.