Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deer Hunting with a Chevy Equinox on the Fourth

Oh! We had an eventful Fourth of July!!! We went to visit my parents and ended up hitting a deer on the parkway. A big deer. We somehow managed to hit it three times and do “significant” damage to the Equinox according to the collision shop. Thankfully, we were both okay and so is Baby Girl. It was, however, quite an ordeal. Because it was a holiday weekend we had to wait for about two and a half hours on the side of the parkway until Danny from the tow company could come pick us up. Derrick freaked out that someone would drive off of the road and hit us due to rubber necking so he made me sit on a hill on the opposite side of the guard rail.

He stood watch the entire time…such a good husband. I tried to get him to come sit with me so we would both be safe but apparently he is into that whole “Me man…me make fire…me keep preggy wife safe” thing.

By the way, everyone on the road that day should send a thank you note to my counter part, Elizabeth, for getting me this handy dandy fan that sprays water. It is seriously the only thing that kept me from shedding all my clothes off right there in front of God and everyone.

Not that many people stopped to ask if we needed help. I was a little shocked since I am clearly pregnant. We even had a state trooper drive by and we didn’t even get a sympathy wave. A nice lady did stop and tell Derrick that the ticks were really bad this year and I should be careful laying in the weeds. I am sure she was chugging a big glass of ice water that I would have much rather had than the tick advice, but I guess some heartfelt tick concern is better than nothing.

So after Danny got there he took us to the airport to rent a car. This is after he refused to go back and get the deer carcass for some homemade jerky. I can’t turn down a dare and my sister had triple dog dared me to ask him if he minded strapping it to the car for me if I poked it with a stick a couple of times to make sure it was really dead. Danny didn’t think it was as funny as we did. I think he wanted to call the Game Warden on me. So anyway, we rented the car and made it to my parents in time for the holiday!

On the actual Fourth, we got to see the neighborhood parade. All the kids decorate their bikes, four wheelers, golf carts and such and ride them through the streets. It doesn’t draw a huge crowd so our family had to run up and down several streets to stand at different intersections to make it look good for the kids. Derrick didn’t really feel the need to run around the mountainous streets so he just sat and watched the truck while I ran around with my Mom and Aunt Sue.

Let me just tell you, they made it sound a lot easier than it actually was. Once while they were cheering I thought about laying in a ditch that I am pretty sure had some water flowing through it. But then I remembered about the ticks and decided to eat candy off the streets instead. And I managed to get a few pictures of the cousins in the parade.

Hannah and Emily grabbing candy...

Eli trying to drive his tractor on the road as opposed to off the road. Luckily bot parents were there to assist...

Poor fella. His little tractor couldn't catch up with the parade...

Abbie and Chase...

And of course there had to be a moonshine wagon. No Eastern Kentucky parade is complete without one...

And also some pictures of the deer in my parent’s back yard. I feel really bad about the one we hit. Of course all of these guys decided to show up and make it worse on me.

I could feel there little eyes watching me in fear that I would try to take them out with the truck. Okay, maybe it was just my inability to get the lighting right on my camera...

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July!!!!


  1. Did you give yourself a good once-over for ticks??? HAHAHAHAHA!! I can't believe that lady stopped to tell D that. Hilarious! Of course, there you lay in two-foot-high weeds with a fan like the queen of Sheba. HA! I'm so disappointed that there aren't pictures to document: 1. y'all running at the parade, 2. the candy lady, and lastly, 3. Derrick riding around in a chair in the back of the pick-up (namely the parts where you were trying to get him to look at candy lady and when gunned it and almost lost Derrick out the back end). (People were probably thinking he was in line for the parade.)

  2. so sorry about the deer, but so glad you are all ok! Looks like you had a fun trip!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the whole thing! It must of shook you up a bit. Atleast you three are all safe and well : )

    Gemma X