Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Merriest Christmas

This was the Merriest Christmas I have ever had.  I LOVED being at home and spending a cozy day with my sweet little family. Santa was extremely kind to Neely Jo this year and my floors are proof of it. There is not a square foot in this house that hasn’t been littered with toys, books or clothes. It is a tad bit out of control. 

After waking up and seeing her kitchen set, Neely Jo wasn’t too interested in opening any other gifts. She seemed to be more content opening the cabinets over and over again while Derrick and I unwrapped presents. Maybe we will have better luck next year with her involvement. 

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas and were able to realize how truly blessed we are! Hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday as much as we did!!!


  1. She looks like Amelia!

  2. Looks like Neely Jo had a big Christmas!
    Love the pjs and the dress!

  3. I love Neely baby's bow! Her kitchen looks like so much fun! :)

  4. Merry Christmas !! WOW it is so much fun, so glad you were able to enjoy every moment!! I love her pretty red kitchen, she will have so many fun times cooking with mom in her kitchen:) Her dress is beautiful too!!

  5. I love her little dress. She looks precious! I wish I could have seen her opening her gifts! And hearing her play her "mutica." HAHAHA!