Saturday, July 2, 2011

June At a Glance

Good gracious! There is so much to do ALL THE TIME. Seriously…what did we used to do with our days? Derrick and I have decided we must have been the laziest human beings EVER before Neely Jo. Quick recap on our goings and comings…

June 5th we celebrated Aunt Katie’s birthday. We didn’t get to see her, but we made Neely a sweet potato cake in her honor and then video taped it. It was a straight mess. But Katie enjoyed the video…almost as much as Neely Jo enjoyed her cake.

I had to go to California to work for a week. I cannot even describe how hard that was, but we survived. Derrick finished fencing in our backyard, did some laundry without ruining anything and managed to not freak out when Neely Jo had a low grade fever. He also managed to get addicted to milkshakes. Not sure how that happened, but we cannot continue to hit up the DQ for blizzards every night during the height of swimsuit season. I made it back just in time for Father’s Day (which was low-key seeing how I was EXHAUSTED…after all, Father’s Day is all about how I feel)…

Neely Jo has been playing in water more and more. The girl LOVES it. Now she may not be able to crawl, but she can straight face plant in a puddle of water like nobody’s business. We are just trying to keep things in perspective over here. Face planting is a big deal. It’s a “milestone”. Derrick and I were all about the one piece bathing suits but we had to break down and put her in a bikini because everything seems a lil tight across the midsection. Seeing how I know how that feels all too well, we opted for “breathing” by just letting it all hang out.

Last Friday we went Derrick’s Mom’s for a Fourth of July Firework show. We didn’t make it until the fireworks, but we ate and that’s always the best part. Let me just say that Derrick and I were not participating in the Pepsi-Coke challenge but we wore the t-shirts just because we are weird like that (just in case anyone notices the shirts).

Also, one of our friend’s (Tonya) is having a baby boy! That means baby shower! So last Saturday I helped with that and I just have to put a couple of pics because…

1. I love shower food.

2. The cake was almost too cute to eat (almost)

3. Tonya looks amazing. She is wearing stripes for Pete’s sake. Such a cute lil mama!

After the shower we headed to a surprise birthday party for my wonderful friend, Laura. She was so surprised she cried. Which almost made me cry. She actually just had her third little girl, Sarah Parker, who is a perfect, tiny doll baby. Derrick took pictures so there aren’t many keepers (He likes those action shots where you have food hanging out of your mouth or you’re laughing like a hyena).

(Neely Jo, Me, Laura, Valerie, Sarah Parker, Celeste)

And today we had a yard sale. Well, our neighbors did and we just pretty much dragged some junk outside. No price tags or organization whatsoever. But let me tell you, people like junk. And I like not having to load it up and take it to Goodwill. We had a couple of ladies come by that wanted to buy some of my pre-baby clothes and high heels. Not a single one of them could fit into a size 7 shoe but you would have thought these heels were Cinderella’s glass slippers and they were determined to marry the prince. These ladies will always be referred to as the “wicked step-sisters” even though they were really nice. Wish I had a picture.

OKAY! Now we are ready for July. Bring on the FIREWORKS!


  1. See, you wait so long to post that you just bombard me with information, and by the time I get to the end, I can't even remember what the heck I wanted to say.

    But...had y'all been in a Pepsi/Coke challenge, you would be the winner. And that itty bitty bikini is about the cutest thing I ever did see. And if your prebaby clothes don't fit anymore there is a problem cause you are teeny-weeny now. And NJ...well, that girl is just all kinds of cute still. AND it looks like she keeps a bow in her hair. So jealous of that one!

    Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. Kiki - Firstly, the pictures of Neely and her (my??) birthday cake (sweet potato patty tier??) make me wish I was a year (or twelve??) younger. ;o)

    Neely looks like me in a 'kini. Too bad it's cute on her, not on me.

    Do I see AK's old strawberry outfit??? CUTE! :o)

    The "wicked stepsisters at the yard sale"; hence, I'm laughing.
    The shower food looks good; hence, I'm hungry.
    Celeste, Laura, & Valerie look good; hence, I'm glad I don't live local. They all look great!

    Send me a video of Neely Jo first thing tomorrow!!! No dismissals ... REAL 'hi's' and 'bye's'!!!

  3. I am so happy reading this post about your month! I loved the pictures of Neely baby, of course! I had heard rumors of her birthday cake for Katie, but hadn't seen it myself! So so precious! I can't wait to see a recap from this weekend! :)