Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sickies

We had BIG plans for this weekend…my cousin Becky’s wedding! Derrick and I took off work on Friday, we were heading to my parents, and then heading to Columbus for the special event. I have been looking forward to this wedding FOREVER! I actually bought Neely Jo’s dress before she was even born. Just so we are clear on my feelings, there was no way I was missing this wedding. Enter the sickies. It hit Neely Jo Wednesday night. The sniffles. The coughs. The snots. Just all over sickies. Thankfully, she doesn’t have a fever but she is just pitiful. I waited until the last minute thinking that maybe I could just drive straight up to Columbus on Saturday morning but it just didn’t happen. And I know that it is probably best that I didn’t go. She would have been passed around like a hot potato and ended up with something worse. But I still was grouchy (major understatement) all day Saturday because I was so disappointed we weren’t there. I think Neely Jo was, too.

Derrick took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather and did some yard work (more on that later) and us girls just curled up in bed and watched movies. Derrick was a tad jealous. Especially when he found out we had matching socks.


  1. That just stinks...the sickness...the missing the wedding. Everything about it except the matching socks. Now that are super cute.

    Hope y'all are all better now, and that the sickness is GONE for good!

  2. Poor Neely baby! The socks are pretty darling! I am so sad you missed the wedding too, but there will be so many pictures, videos, etc. you will probably barf with recaps ;) Love you!

  3. Leave it to you and Neely Jo to have matching novelty socks....