Monday, October 11, 2010

Girls Day Out

Yay! We went to see Dr. Kries again today for a weight check-in and Miss Neely Jo has gained one ounce. I know that is not much, but she just started eating really well yesterday so hopefully by Wednesday she will have gained a few more ounces and we will be free and clear without supplementing! I was a little more pumped about this than neely Jo...

We had to do a little celebrating. I know that I have passed judgment before on people that take their babies out too early. But usually it is when I see tiny babies at a smoky bowling alley or laying in the nasty shopping carts at Wal-Mart without even a shred of a blanket underneath them. I will never pass judgment again because we (Chewmomma and I) hauled Neely Jo to the mall today. In my defense, nobody was at the mall and we weren’t there that long. Just long enough to grab a few necessities. Like boots. And winter coats. And a bedspread. And some nail polish. Okay, maybe these were luxuries except for the nail polish. We need it for the celebratory Mani-Pedi’s! Just like these ladies…

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Chewmomma used “A to Z-urich” and I picked “Vodka and Caviar” (since I am not actually partaking in either I figured I might as well have it on my nails) and Neely Jo, being more of a natural beauty, just got some moisturizer and a light buffing of the nails.

Our girls day out was tons of fun and poor Derrick had to miss it because he had to go back to work today. We did swing in Barnes and Noble and Neely Jo picked him up a few books that he had been wanting. And we (or at least our nails) looked nice and polished when Derrick made it home and we handed him his present. Surprisingly, he would rather hold his baby than read the books...

Check out Chewmomma…she was like a proud peacock showing off Neely Jo and teaching her how to use a debit card at Macy’s. We should be ashamed of ourselves.


  1. Derrick "The Daddy" ClubbOctober 11, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Won't be long befor you are shopping for important dresses for Neely Jo...

  2. Derrick will hear from Steve that Mom's and their girls can always find a reason to shop :) you know we always find a bargain!
    Neely Jo is so precious!! I'm so glad that you all had a good visit and she gained an ounce. Your mom looks happy, as I know she is, to be with you. What a wonderful time and I know you are glad that she is with you.
    Also, You look great and so happy!! Being a mom is a blessing and it is making you more beautiful every day!!

  3. Kelly!! Your post made me so happy. I was just not expecting another one so soon--but I love love love the pictures of everyone with Neely Jo! I am so jealous, but know that I'll get to see her soon! :) And, your video was so funny. I was imagining Granny in the video :) Love you!

  4. So sweet!!! She's so tiny!

    How are you finding it all?

    Gemma x

  5. You and your nail polish! Neely Jo is so cute and your mom looks so happy. I am glad y'all are having a wonderful visit together. Kiss that precious baby girl for me – I’m having withdrawals.

  6. Girls Day Out .. without Aunt So 'n So. Sad... Oh, and I personally like how Neely commanded two docs at the office. High maintenance!

  7. I haven't had my nails done since before Anna Bea was born. The child is almost FOUR months old. Good gracious; you little over achiever, you.

  8. I love this post! She's so pretty and cute and little.