Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Dogs

Last Saturday we woke up to this….

The dogs loved it! Well, Maggie and Annie loved it.

Charlie prefers not to get dirty or wet. He was a bit of a grouch about Maggie charging full speed at him.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed wrestling in it. They are always a little rowdy, but with this white pillow on the ground they were allowed to be even rougher than normal.

Mag used her hound dog nose to sniff out some toys she had left outside before the snow...

Charlie just needed to get away and check things out on his own.

It was beautiful and gone quickly!!!


  1. Charles looks like a lion out there! I totally thought Mags was digging a squirrel out of the snow! HAHA! I'm sure Amelia would have been wrassling with the know how she is....

  2. I love the one of Annie by herself! She looks so sweet!